Nationwide Video Release: Reel Moving Tips by Kary Movers

Our latest video release – straight from the editor’s room –  Reel Moving Tips features John Cousineau of Kary Movers, with some helpful tips and hints on how you can save time, money and frayed nerves by doing some of the easier and simpler things yourself.

Nationwide Video - Mary Movers Moving TipsMoving is reportedly the third most stressful event in life – right behind death and divorce (Employee Relocation Council).  Planning ahead, as with so much else in life, can help to significantly reduce the stress level decibel come moving day.  Helpful hints include:

1. Boxes.

For heavy items use boxes that are 2 cubic feet, or about the size of a microwave.  This is a good size for items such as books, CDs, and perhaps other heavy collectibles.

The next most used size is a 4 cubic foot box, ideal for bulkier items such as linens, foldable clothing (t-shirts, sweaters, that kind of thing).   If you’ve tgot vases or other ceramic treasures, wrap them up real well with the clothing items and embed them securely in these boxes.

Wardrobe boxes.   Oh so simple.  These boxes have rods across the top so you can literally take your clothes straight from the closet, hang them in the wardrobe box, fold it up, tape it and voila! Your suits and dresses will arrive at your new home without any wrinkles (and so easy to just hang them up in their new closets.


2.  Wrapping, Stuffing & Such

Kitchen items such as your dishes, casseroles and other ware need some tender loving care.  You want your grandmother’s heirloom teacup to arrive in one piece so it can be treasured by future generations too!  John recommends using blank newsprint.  Use several layers to wrap your plates in and then place them in the moving box.  Blank newsprint paper is better than using newspaper – no black smudges, no scrubbing and washing in the new kitchen.


3. The Walk Through

Once the movers have all your household items loaded, take a walk through the house.  Check the closets and drawers, basement and garage to make sure that nothing is being left behind.  Once you and the movers are at the new destination, be accessible to help direct placement of items.

Take a deep breath, relax.  Enjoy your new home!

Reel Moving Tips is a profile “How To” video.  From a marketing perspective it provides good information, features the owner of the business and helps promote the business.  Video helps promote a business, its services and products.  It is a cost effective way to get the message across all types of media, including website, social media, and online marketing campaigns.  To inquire how your business can have a video produced and marketed by Nationwide Video, simply complete the Contact Us form: or call at 1.888.478.1050

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