Power of Video


Outperform Your CompetitionNationwide Video Productions - Power of Video
Video is 53x more likely to appear on front page Google result (Forrester)

Stake Out Your Online Location
By 2014, its expected that 90% of internet traffic and 66% of all mobile data will be video (Cisco Systems)

Video Increases Conversion
Customers who watch video are 85% more likely to purchase (eMarketer)


With statistics like these the power of video speaks for itself.   Video has become one of the most effective communication systems for businesses to include as part of their marketing mix.

NationWide Video Productions is a full service video production agency specializing in video communication and marketing.  From the beginning we work in consultation with you to ensure an efficient and stress-free experience.   In partnership with one of the nation’s best production companies we engage local talent from within a pool of over 2500 videographers nationwide. This means cost effective practices which drop directly to your bottom line.

From the moment you engage NationWide Video Productions, you can expect

  • A dedicated producer to work on your project
  • Video build out
  • Assigned professional videographer
  • Review of points prior to shoot
  • Organized flow of shoot
  • Edit raw footage
  • Preview
  • Approval
  • Video delivered in TV, Web and Mobile ready format

We encourage and provide marketing services to maximize best use of your new visual tool:  YOUR VIDEO.