Video Outperforms Website

Can video outperform a website?


When a video is properly marketed it can shake the living daylights out of a website and with today’s preference for video over text, a properly produced video can be your most powerful marketing ally.

Video Outperforms WebisteIn an exploratory conversation with a business owner I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she had some 40 plus videos published on YouTube. On the advice of her business coach she’d been creating and publishing her own “home made” videos for some time now and truth be told they’re pretty decent, getting better as she became more comfortable with the idea of speaking to a camera.

That was good.

But the videos just sat there on YouTube. They were not optimized, they were not marketed nor promoted in any way. We went to work.

Selecting just 4 videos to start on, within two months those videos were dominating Google search for their niche – 8 out of 10 on page one were her videos, 7 out of 10 on page 2 were also her videos. She was so excited we didn’t even go to page 3! Viewership also went up and for the first time there were some LIKES, comments and new subscribers to her channel. Her website was not even in the ballpark for organic search results.

How or why did this happen?

A quick overview of website marketing may give us some clues. Simply put website marketing is a needed but a mature marketing tool. What that means is that the dynamics of website marketing are no longer as robust as they once were but are highly susceptible to the volatility of the internet. Powerful search engines such as Google continuously change their algorithms and what may have worked a year or even just a few months ago, is no longer as effective. It takes a lot of effort to get Google to notice your online presence and confer page one ranking in your market. So how and why does video trounce website?

1. Video – Emerging Marketing Tool
Video is not new but it is an emerging marketing tool. First put up online for its entertainment or informational value, it has now taken on significant clout as a way to promote businesses.

2. Video – Budget Friendly
Only a short while ago it was only big business touting their brands that could afford to use video as a marketing tool. With the advent of technology even a small business can afford a video.

3. Video – Preferred Over Text
“There are millions of people worldwide that prefer video over reading for a variety of reasons. YouTube offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach a diverse audience, while showcasing their products or services and conveying a sense of personality about your business too,” said Donald D. Dolenec, president of Search Marketing Local.

Which brings us back to video outperforming websites in search engines. Video is now one of the most powerful marketing tools that a business can engage in. Comparatively speaking video marketing is still in its infancy. As an increasing number of businesses jump at this opportunity however, it too will become a crowded online space in the future. In a few years’ time it will take more marketing muscle power to dominate your niche with videos. To the early adapters the spoils will go.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t recommend that you abandon all your other marketing strategies in favor of video. Truth is marketing works best when it is layered and integrated as over time the whole effort will vastly outperform the sum total of all its parts. What I do recommend is that you review your current marketing strategies and campaigns. Are some of the tools outdated? Are they tractable? What’s working? Is there a way to make your marketing efforts deliver greater results? This is what we do at Nationwide Video – we sit down with you and review your current situation to see if, where and how video would be a good fit. Call us – half hour consultation is on the house.

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