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The videos are 30, 60 and 90 seconds in duration, our most frequently requested lengths.  Whether you just want to get started with one to put up on your website or to create a full blown video campaign we’ll be happy to work with you.





Profiles – Engaging and unscripted videos that provide clients with the opportunity to deliver a personal message to potential customers in their own style and tone.

Testimonials – Captures customer experiences through authentic, unscripted interviews that build trust and credibility

Ads – Either scripted with a professional voiceover or interview-driven to deliver a positive first impression and drive higher conversion.

Video News Releases – Short, professionally scripted and produced video news segment focused on a company announcement – designed to spark additional media interest around the announcement.

Feature News Stories – In-depth, professionally scripted and produced video news segment focused on a company, product or service – designed to spark media interest and generate online buzz.

Event Coverage – Planned and managed system that provides coordinated coverage of special events, large-scale exhibitions/trade shows, entertainment or political events. Our organized network means a team of videographers are always on the ground generating a constant stream of event coverage.

Every video is shot in HD and includes:

– Dedicated producer
– Professional business videographer
– Professional editor
– Music
– TV, web and mobile formatted
– approval prior to delivery

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