Online Video Works Hard for Your Business

Lights Camera Action!

You’ve made the decision!  You’ve told your staff.  An undercurrent of excitement prevails.  The date, time and location of the shoot for your online video has been scheduled.

Excellent.   Now what?


Online Video PlanVideo should be part of your overall marketing plan, an engagement tactic to support your goals.
Don’t worry about the shoot.  Your video production company will work with you and build out your video.  From the outset to completion a dedicated producer will be your key contact and organize all coordinates with the least amount of disruption to your day to day business activities.

What you do need to do is some planning.  Goals need to be identified.  What is the job of the video?  I know, more business.  But more business is a little more intricate than a “Come to My Store and Buy” video playing somewhere on the internet and hopefully on someone’s computer or smart phone.

Here are some points to consider when setting  your goals.


online video productionIt is important to know what results you want from your video.  Is your primary goal to raise awareness of your business on the internet or perhaps to further promote and embed your brand in the eyes and minds of the public?  Is it to increase traffic to your site?  To generate leads? To generate sales?  Success metrics would be different for each goal.

As an example If your online marketing consists primarily of a website and not much more then there is plenty to do before the cash register is likely to start ringing.  Raising your virtual profile is critical to your online marketing success.  Having a video produced for your business is a powerful marketing tool with which to raise that awareness.  It can be marketed across all channels – YouTube and other video marketing portals, on your site, with social media, in your newsletters and email marketing campaigns.  Most importantly establish your success metrics.  If your website currently gets 1000 visitors a month, what would be your success “metric” look like?  Within what time frame?

On the other hand an established and well known business may want to support its brand and reputation in its marketplace.  Online video marketing for such a business may be all about eyeballs, that is how many eyes actually saw the video?   Take a well know brand such as Channel.  Their interest may lie more in viewership as a way to reinforce its reputation and cache in the luxury goods market.



online video marketingUse your goals as criteria for the type of video you want produced.  Oftentimes, a business will decide to have several shorts produced, usually between 30 and 60 seconds.  This is a very powerful marketing strategy and can have several of your goals being juggled in the air at the same time.

Whatever your choice, be sure that your producer is aware of your goals and have a marketing strategy and a solid plan in place to put it in play.  It’s the smart way to make your online video work for you and your business.