Video Marketing Brings Big Business Tactics to SMB

Nationwide Video Productions:  Business IntelligenceBig Business (BB) has had the advantage for a long time when it comes to marketing.  Deep pockets can buy expensive talent and take ownership of desirable locations both online and offline.  Videos worthy of Hollywood are being produced to engage, inform and entertain.


“Good for them” you think “they’ve got deep pockets, I can’t do that”


Yes you can.


The internet has leveled the playing field and you can now compete on your own terms on every front, including video, without breaking the bank.  SMB can use the same video marketing tactics as big business without blowing the entire advertising wad in one go.


Here’s the deal.


Merely days old, 2013 is off like a rocket ship. It’s not just politicians and economists that are make a big sound, marketers are being heard loud and clear with their prognosis for the coming year.   With ear tuned to the buzz, there is one message that keeps floating up above the rest:


CONationwide Vciieo Productions|Busssiness Owner|Business StoryNTENT CREATION & STORY TELLING.

This is not new.  Content creation has been important since the beginning of the internet but it keeps taking on fresh nuances and complexity as search engines continue to fine tune algorithms to match the relevancy of content with the search term.  What is emerging as an important trend is the development of a business personality.


Companies will begin to develop a personality through story telling. That story can be told in several hundred words on site with blogs, distributed throughout social media such as Facebook and in 140 characters or less on Twitter, but nothing tells a story better than video which can be distributed amongst all the aforementioned channels and then some.  Video works hard for you and gives you the biggest bang for your marketing buck.


Indeed when it comes to storytelling video marketing has no peer.  Nothing engages the senses better than movies.  Not only do we see and hear, but we feel and empathize and get carried away with the characters of the story.  Videos after all are another version of movies and are the best way to grab attention with authentic messaging.  When an owner speaks about his business, the honesty of the message is not only captured in the voice but the facial expression is also caught on camera.  Location shoots expand on the story with imagery of  the place of business be that a restaurant, a spa or a manufacturing plant.  You don’t have to be an actor to engage with your audience.


This is where SMB  (Small and Medium Business) has a huge advantage over BB.  Free of the bureaucracy of big business, SMB can react to important trends in marketing with dizzying speed and efficiency.  If video marketing is not already included in your plan, this is a good time to go back to the drawing board.  All it takes is a review of your marketing/advertising budget, divert just a small percentage of each line item to create a new one:  video!


Everybusiness does have a story – tell yours in video.  Build rapport, trust and relationship with your customers – past, present and future. Invest in your online presence, reputation and long term branding.  Nationwide Video Productions specialize in video production and marketing.  If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us and tell us what you have in mind.  Don’t worry we won’t bite. We’re friendly and would love to be part of your success this year and beyond.

Tell Your Story With a Profile Video

A profile video is the best way to introduce customers to your business.  Engaging, informative and promotional, a profile tells the story of your business and what sets it apart from others.

profile videoJust like you, your business has more than just one side to it: there is the beginning, the success, your people, the products and services and the loyal customers that keep coming back year after year.  This is a story worth telling on video. Breaking it up into several shorts is more effective than one lengthy narrative.


General Overview

This should be your flagship video, promoted everywhere; on your site, on the net, in your newsletters, in your email campaigns, on the tradeshow floor, in social media and on other distribution channels.  This format is extremely effective when the owner or CEO is the spokesperson along with perhaps a key employee or partner.

Some people are reluctant to put themselves on video because they feel that they are not skilled at the art of speaking, or are simply uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Don`t let that stop you or sell yourself short.  It is exactly the fact that you may not be a silver tongued orator or sport movie star killer looks endear you to the public.  You want your personality to come through.   An awkward but sincere message lends credibility and authenticity to your message and most importantly your audience finds it easy to relate to you and your business.



Tell the world in your own words why your products or services (or both) shine above the rest.  If yours is a manufacturing company, take your viewer to the factory floor, show them how the product is manufactured, include some of your employees and perhaps your foreman can speak to the finer points of your product.


The Ad

This type of video is a tightly scripted message with a call to action.  At Nationwide Video Productions we include your choice of a professional male or female voiceover artist.  Maybe you are introducing a new product and want to tell all your customers about it, perhaps you have an introductory special, or want to ramp up sales at a time of year when things are typically slow in your industry.  Nothing says it better than a video.



Your business has its own slew of raving fans.  Don`t keep it a secret.  Customer testimonials on video are more powerful and effective than text. Honor your best customers and ask if they would be willing to do a shoot – you’d be surprised at how happy they are to accept … after all, it is all about lights, camera and action!  Wow, Hollywood right on your own backlot!

Sometimes all videos can be shot in one location – and sometimes not.  As in the example of a manufacturer, oftentimes the plant is in a different city or even state from the home office and your best customers may live in your town or in a city clear across on the other side of the country.  Our continent wide network of professional videographers means that we employ local talent on each shoot thus saving on travel costs, savings that we pass on to you.