Ace the Interview Video Shoot

Preparing for the Interview Video


Nationwide Video - VJ Shooting an Interview Video

The interview video, also referred to as a profile video, is the perfect video format for you to shine. This is your opportunity to spotlight that which differentiates your business from your competitors and market to your niche.

Its show time.  Make the most of it.

Yet often it is the business owner that is most reluctant to be in the starring role of the company video.  The major objection seems to be  “I don’t photograph well”  followed by “I don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera” opting out instead for a professional actor to deliver the message.

There is a time and place for actors in business videos, but when it comes to having a profile video done on your company, it is you, the owner,  that should be featured front and center, no ifs, buts or maybe’s.  Your voice, your message, your FACE are key to authentic messaging and building trust with your customers.

So take a deep breath and relax.  A little bit of preparation and a few tips will make the video shoot fun instead of fearful.


1.   Pre-Production

Step one usually means filling out a simple four or five step process  Provide information to the producer assigned to your shoot:

– Who is the point of contact
– Address of the shoot
– Date of shoot
– Information about your business – the more the better. This will help the producer in building out the video.
–  Name and position of each person that will be speaking in the video
–  Questions that you want to address in the video
–  Three points that absolutely need to be covered, shots that need to be included in the video, e.g. Awards of Excellence

Press SEND and its on its way to the producer.


2.  Shoot Preparation

It’s our job to make you look good.  The magic of editing and careful sound bite selection will make you look polished and professional. Nationwide Video - espresso coffee Here are some tips that will make the shoot flow like good wine:

– Wear clothes that represent you and make you feel comfortable
– Do not wear solid red, white or black, although accents in these shades are OK
– Avoid small checkers, thin strips and herringbone patterns
– Avoid shiny or noisy jewelry
– Ensure that eyeglasses are free of fingerprints and smudges or remove if possible.
– Make sure your hair is combed and your clothes are ironed properly
– Wearing slightly heavier makeup is recommended however heavy mascara can look  unflattering
under studio lights
– The videographer will go review interview questions  with you prior to shooting
– A good interview video is built around a strong interview, if you don’t like the way you answered a question request to answer it again.

Relax.  Enjoy a cup of coffee!


3.  The Video

When the raw footage has been edited you will be able to review it before final approval.  When viewing it for the first time its important to relax and watch the video from beginning to end. What is your first impression?  Remember most viewers will see it only once so try to view it from their perspective


4. Check Details Carefully

Now its time to think like an editor.  Watch and listen carefully.  Stop and review sections as much as you want.  Check the following areas carefully:

–  Is everything spelled correctly
–  Is the dialogue easy to hear with the background music
–  Are the images and logos in the correct places
–  Do you like the background music, does it set the right mood
–  Do you like everything that’s said in the video, are there any quotes you’d like excluded
–  How did the interview sound,  did the speaker hit the mark
–  Do you like everything that is shown in the video, are there any images you’d like included or excluded.

It’s that simple.  Different types of videos will have some variables but most will follow the above format.

Smile. It’s your interview video, your business, your message.  Above all, have fun!









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