About Us


NationWide Video Productions is a full service video production and marketing agency.  From the outset our vision was to be able to provide quality professional videos at affordable prices so that all businesses, big and small, would be able to include video in their marketing tool baskets.

Our mission was simple:
1.  Find an efficient and cost effective way to provide video production services without sacrifice of quality.  Our search led us to a partnership with one of the best video production companies in North America.

2.  Ensure that our clients were availed of top strategic marketing options so that the videos went to work effectively to increase your business objectives.  Our key personnel have more than 40 years of hands on experience in traditional and online marketing.  We bring you international expertise and cutting edge applications.




Valentina Bellicova - Nationwide Video ProductionsValentina Bellicova
Founder and CEO.

Valentina’s marketing expertise is both on the entrepreneurial startup front and established Fortune 500 corporations.  She has developed strategic marketing campaigns for the tour and airline industries, created marketing content for development  and promotion of tourism, and  promotion and sales of iconic worldwide brands.

With the advent of internet marketing, Valentina bridged the gap between offline and online marketing, has formed joint ventures and is the owner of an online publishing house.

In her spare time Valentina looks to the open road, eschewing the freeways for the less traveled but more scenic highways and byways of North America.


Nationwide Video Productions - R.G. "Bob" Tuss, VP Business Development R.G. “Bob” Tuss
V.P. Business Development

Bob’s strengths lie in strategic marketing practices. He was one of the early adaptors and pioneers of internet marketing, specifically in video streaming and development, and in interactive applications.  Bob pioneered in advanced wired/wireless public access systems, real time video delivery and content development, multi-channel strategies in rich media, real time video web casting channels.  Convergence studio, multimedia & digital distribution solutions for the entertainment (movie) and Travel/Tourism applications.

Bob is further internationally recognized and honored for his expertise in tourism marketing & development, and, has also been awarded with the distinction of the William Van Horne Award for his early role as a visionary in the development and promotion of Tourism in home Province of British Columbia.

In his spare time Bob likes to … spare time?  What spare time?


Felicity - Nationwide Video ProductionsFelicity Hargott
Project Director

We think Felicity is part border collie, either that or it’s just her natural born penchant for developing systems, implementing efficiencies and driving the day to day business coordinates so they don’t collide.

Her project management expertise was honed in both the private and public sectors in various executive as well as consultative positions.  Felicity implemented and oversaw scheduling systems, on track movement and on time deliveries in highly competitive industries such as freight forwarding, aircraft parts distribution and worldwide charter services.

In her spare time, Felicity enjoys lying on the couch with a tub of ice cream and watching bad movies.